Whipped Like...

It was after a climbing session. We just hanging out and talked about everything. Then, one of my friend asked me about the shirt that I wanted to made. I am not sure. It still just a concept and I was still learning about design as a whole. I brace myself with the critique and I showed them my design. Well, those designs were not bad but I knew from my friends reaction. It is not relatable to our community. Then, one of my friend threw this one particular idea. We usually just randomly threw idea around but this one stuck.

Going home, I was thinking about that idea and got to work. I worked around the idea and tried to realized the idea that within my ability. Now, the design is finished and my partner accepted it. We then, pushed it to production and waited two fckng months because our poor choice for this piece. It was still an early age for us.

The initial idea is everyone always amazed that a big guy can climb that hard and they think that I am brave enough to fall. The truth is I always afraid. But, I think I can made this imaginary character to life and made this character an embodiment of bravery.


Jerry is a character that I made. He always brave enough to fall on his project. Despite all odds, he is still willing to try a project beyond his reach. This character will reminds you that you have to be brave and willing to failed for something beyond your reach. Don't afraid to failed!

Whipped Like Jerry Shirt



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