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When I hear "Disco", I always think about something that is sparkling and dark. A club. A discotheque.

Disco is so powerful that it transcends time. The music is always layered, a background sound of electric pianos, and a steady four on the floor beat. It doesn’t always like that but that’s the general rule. You can easily identify the genre from the sound. This genre is started like all genres, underground. It was a counterculture music, a movement against rock songs. When it was adopted to the club, it blew up. The easy to follow beat to dance made this genre popular. It was so liberating for people to dance after a hard working day. And you can still feel it right? Who doesn’t dance after hearing disco songs?

Back in the late 70's, drugs were used heavily in the club. People used it to enhance their experience on the dance floor and often combined it with liquors. This situation created a rampant public sex. They were doing it in the bathroom stalls and exit stairwells. It was not only for straight people but also for LGBT people. We can say that disco music is really pushing the boundaries. Disco club was a safe haven for all kinds of people. And, disco cannot be separated with eroticism.

Disco music gained popularity as the music progressed the charts. People could hear it on the radio and all the clubs were playing disco music. Movies also helped to popularize it. Saturday Night Fever is one of a few movies that made disco the main story. Disco also made a fashion impact to the communities. People wore loose slacks and flowing dresses to dance on the dance floor. And, fashion industries took it to another level. They introduced the style to mainstream audiences.

Indonesia also got “disco fever” back in the 70's-80's. The culture was not different from other countries. You can see the power of disco back then. Disco club was a status symbol for young Indonesian. If you were going to the discotheque, you were cool. The culture was clashing. But, many clubs were only playing “west” songs. This made Indonesian musicians want to do Indonesian disco songs. People started hearing Indonesian disco songs at the club and radio. It was booming too. You still can hear it in some clubs today.

A new wave of disco is coming. You can see that young Indonesian people crave the culture. Even, there is some artist that brings back the disco characteristic to their new songs. You all can hear it in our playlist that we made ! Hope this playlist will make you dance in your room in this pandemic situation and forget about the stress for a moment.

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