We came, we climbed, we won cool t-shirts!

Aligning with Indonesia's Independence Day, August 17th, Indoclimb finally held its first “Fun Bouldering Competition” this year. Since re-opened in mid-June, many climbers started training again at Indoclimb which is located at FX Sudirman, Jakarta. Although of course at a slower pace and more limited movements. This fun bouldering competition is such a fresh air for climbers who want to have fun, bring back the adrenaline pump that was lost during quarantine, testing their limit, and also meets other climbers.

Here are some pictures from the Fun Bouldering Games at Indoclimb yesterday!

A total of 12 routes were set by Indoclimb's crew with varying difficulty levels, those are green routes, white routes, and yellow routes. The competition category was divided into two, there were level I for beginner and level II for all climbers. Even though the hands were getting numb and the energy drained, the climber still tried to finish their path until late afternoon. Dennis from Jakarta completed all routes with a single try, except one route.

Of course, yesterday's competition was still carried out by following health protocol standards to prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as wearing masks, cleaning hands with hand sanitizers regularly, body temperature check, and maintaining a safe distance between climbers. Many climbers from various backgrounds - old, young, male, female, Indonesian, and foreigners- were there to compete. This shows that climbing is a kind of sport that everyone can do. I saw people having fun there with every fall, every movement, laughter, and also with every cramp in their shaky hands.

Quarantine at the beginning of the year due to the COVID-19 pandemic has prevented climbers from fully returning to their best levels. Even though it was called a fun competition, this event was enough to stimulate the adrenaline of the climber who came. Indeed, competition is the most appropriate means of testing the results of training so far. We need to do this more often *poke Indoclimb’s chief*.

Fun games come with the fun prizes from RDPNT

Since the beginning RDPNT was built, we are close to the climbing community in Jakarta and its surroundings, so we also took part in that fun bouldering competition yesterday. The winners of each category are entitled to receive “Think Later” or “Spiritual Disco” apparel from RDPNT. Those t-shirts we made were able to be worn during exercises or when you hang out with friends. We guaranteed the best design quality with the best material that makes you comfy all day long. You still can grab those T-shirts here!

Here a Video Aftermath for You!

The end of the competition means that the climber must re-evaluate their abilities and be ready for a new round of fights. See you at another climbing competition!

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