Think Later?

Life is full of surprises and often goes against our orders. Even when everything feels like it's going according to plan, life can make us so clueless. But, honestly, that's what makes it interesting.

When life gets blurry, sometimes we have to put our doubts, worries, and all the scenarios that play in our heads. Just drop it, #thinklater, and the dots will be connected by themselves.

That's what we want to bring on our second drop. THINK LATER. Sometimes, we just have to do it first and think about it later. That’s brilliant. The idea came from our collaborator, a talented artist that majoring in pixel arts. His name is Ludovicus Gees or I can say with his other persona @pixelcadet. (give him a follow!). We will interview him next week to find out the story behind the design.

We just want to interpret a thin line between someone who pursues artist life and our core value, extreme sport. We feel that adrenaline junkies have many similarities with artists. Sometimes, they just #thinklater.

This design is one of a kind, trust me. It is the first time we ask our friend to design our shirt and it turns out great. NO. Absolute an art piece. When I first saw it, I just knew this is it!

This is supposed to be our third edition, but, once again, life did not go according to plan. I just realized this actually makes this #thinklater-themed t-shirt more make sense. So, just look at these SUPER LIT photos and grab them fast!! #thinklater.


Word : Jerry Marvin (@jerrymavr)

Editor : Arya Dharmaputra (@dharmaputra_arya)

Photo : Billy (@blybngs)

Model : Jerry Marvin (@jerrymavr), Amalin Annisa (@amalin_annisa)

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