Raw feels

Marking a one-year of #RDPNT working in the fashion industry, we finally dare ourselves to release a capsule collection, named "Raw Feels". All the madness that happened in 2020 reminds us of how raw and unprotected we are all. At the end of this year, we put all these feelings of vulnerability into our capsule collection to mark a new chapter. We believe this is the right time to stay true to yourself and more "naked" than usual.

“Raw Feels” Capsule Collection consists of two Graphic Shirts, an Anorak Jacket, Shorts, and a Tote Bag. Beige color is the main source of inspiration when designing this collection because it resembles skin and reminds us of how we feel raw. We are also going for a simple design to make it feel more naked.

At the core of our collection, we deliver graphic shirts that come in 2 colors, beige and navy. The beige is a straightforward shirt that is simple but so damn good. On the other hand, the graphic on the navy is so subtle that you have to feel it with your hand. It created emotions that sometimes you cannot see but you have to feel it.

Our Anorak jacket is so simple with a patch on the front and it is our take to make a matching garment. Both Anorak and Shorts have the same color palette that blends well. It was the perfect layer to tackle rainy and humid weather at the end of the year.

The oversized tote bag is very useful and can gulp all your belongings. It was made from Cordura which has high durability. This bag comes with two alternative straps that will accommodate your style.

Raw Feels Collection is available on our Tokopedia starting December 11, 2020.

Words : Arya Dharmaputra & Jerry

Photographer : Blybngs

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