Peakbloc Aftermath

If you read this post, there is a good chance that you are into climbing and you dedicate yourself to it. You want more, more, and more. When you chase mastery in sport, how do you test yourself ? Can you grade your expertise? From my personal experience, it’s hard. But, you can compare yourself to other people. Just be honest to yourself, how many times do you compare yourself to other people in your gym ?

“OH! That guy is so strong, he can pull that crimp that I am struggling to hold on!” or “ I can do this problem easily because I am taller, I bet he will have a hard time.” or “I can do this interval forever! Compared to her, I think I am stronger.”

Those thoughts are our competitive nature but we can channel them in a good way. Here comes, Peakbloc. It is the only amateur competition, at the moment. It has already been done twice and maybe will goooo on forever. Peak to Peak Climbing gym is always hosted at their gym. This year, the number of participants jumped from their first year! That shows how our climbing community is growing. Peakbloc is always not about the money but the fun. They tighten our community with it. We can see many familiar faces and new faces! It is fun. Well, you can see the aftermath video and see the fun! Well, here is the report!



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