These quarantine days are making a number for me. I wake up with nothing to do and I feel incapacitated. This feels overwhelming. Before the pandemics happened, I was struggling to juggle many works but now. There are only several works to pay attention to.

When you have nothing to do like right now, your mind will wander aimlessly. Suddenly, you are aware of small details that you used to ignore. The sound of your parents cough is really haunting. Is it the virus? Am I the one that brought it to our house? You start to think about something that you never had a chance to think about.

I was reading an article from Yuval Noah Harari in the Financial Times. In this article he said that this pandemic will pass but the world we will be living after this will be very different. Now, It is our job to ensure the change is to the right way, not the wrong way. This pandemic is changing the global economy as you read this article. How will you react to this? Can you still travel freely just to climb? Is an area that you want to visit still open after this pandemic?

Changing is very hard for us as a human being. We so used to our old habit and now, nature forces us to change it quite dramatically. We cannot climb outdoors. We cannot meet with our friends and change beta. For me, it’s hard but I believe that what inside me is matters the most. So, Cheers to our old plans and let’s make a new one that made you happy. Make the most of your situation and never stop hustling. Be brave enough to face the changes!


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