Cold Treats

Updated: May 22, 2020

We were super inspired by the 80’s era. It was like a dream. We googled the era and found that even though they are in the past, the design is still futuristic for now. We can say that the era is timeless.

This pandemic that made us stay at home really take a toll on us. We want to ease your mind with our shirt but the production is taking a delay because of this pandemic. Is it ironic? We are just looking at our instagram feed and the heat is hitting us very bad. It’s like 40 degrees outside. Who doesn’t want an ice cream? Like, right now?

We then developed the flavours for you. A real authentic RDPNT ice cream. We were just inspired by this pandemic and wanted to give you something to soothe your mind. We have two flavours, The Black and White and The Rainbow Crumbs. It is so so good. The richness of The Black and White will give you something to think about and forget about this pandemic.

The Rainbow Crumbs is our mystery flavour. I don’t think you can guess what’s in that ice cream but it is so light. We remember when we first tried it, we were just blown away with the taste. We just cannot wait for you to taste it!

Now, you can order it through DM at our IG and we will arrange the shipment. It will be in limited quantity.. So… Order it right NOW!

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