Can't Wait

Updated: May 11, 2020

This whole situation of the world is really messing up with our minds. I always have this question on my mind and I am never brave enough to confront it.

“Do people still buy clothes ?”

Well, this blog from Bobby Hundreds really answer it. In the last post, I rant about how the world will change and now, it already manifests in our life. People are already enjoying the quarantine life. The evidence is there. No traffic at fckng Jakarta, no queue at gas stations, and the economy is taking a downfall. People are wondering.

"How long will this lock down thing go ?"h

"Is anyone going to find the cure ?"

"Will people go back to their habit before this lock down ?"

"What is the new normal ?"

There are so many questions but I almost forgot. We build this brand for the community and that community is still there. The interaction is changed but the value is t

here. People will still buy clothes and for me, t-shirts are the most versatile garment. It can be used on any occasion. We are doing what we can to build this brand. We are still learning but we know, w

e can’t wait to drop our shirt soon. Really soon. Don’t miss it! It will remind you about failure and the sport that we loved.

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